Special Keepsake to Cherish- Paper Anniversary Gifts

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The wind had just started to chill and the leaves whirled in the air as we drove down the street. Memories of our first year together surged like they had just happened yesterday. All the laughter, all the talks, all the adventures and all the reckless behavior, it all raced back to me like a movie.
As we sat in the car, hand in hand, memories started to replay like a reel in my mind. I saw the lights on our bedroom ceiling, the stained-glass reflection on our window as the sun shined from the sky that day. The tears, the jitters, the security that I felt when I held your hand and promised you forever with vulnerability and courage.
Maybe for me those were the best days of my life, those simple moments of togetherness when we were young and foolish. Every time we hugged, it felt like we were holding onto the past, it felt like slowly we were living in the moment and experiencing life beautiful memories.
I turned to you, as smiled – as if reliving all the moments we shared together again. You could read my thoughts and you knew I was back in our first year, the day when we initiated the start of our relationship. I wanted to cherish these moments forever, wrap them in a box and gift it to our present.
We stepped out of the car and waved at the sun signaling goodbye to the day. We walked straight to the ice cream vendor and sipped our favorites, waffling and an oreo milkshake. We still remembered that first day of our love affair when we both laughed looking at each other’s ‘melty’ ice cream faces.
The only thing that stayed constant was change, but we embraced it. We kept growing and evolving. Every chapter of our life was a gift we gave to each other. Every anniversary was a promise we made to never give up, a reminder that we will cherish each other forever. What was better than a box of memories at this time as a perfect gift to mark our anniversary.
It was difficult to find the right words to explain our time together. I am sure you could find a thousand other things that we don’t even know about. I personally would never forget how the early morning bird whistles brought smiles on our faces and those walks to the coffee shop. The little fights about which coffee to order.
We never had much but what we lacked in things we made up for in love. Our chemistry was special and our bond was like no other. Every single day felt like a piece of adventure, something new that we could explore together. We never felt like strangers, from the first day till now.
The stars were out and we were stargazing in the park. That night was so clear we could almost see the glitter in the sky. We were always drawn towards each other, the conversations we had and the questions that still remain unanswered. We said the sweetest things to each other that could make the other blush, things that marked our relationship forever.
We lay there in the grass and just stared at each other – so much to talk, so much to share and so much time but still nothing to hole us back. We looked towards the sky and no matter what it felt like that we both saw a bigger picture, like a part of our destiny was being written in the stars that night.
As more and more stories filled our period of togetherness, we realized that these little stories made up our lives and lives, together. Packed all these memories in a box, so that on our anniversary we could open it together to enjoy each moment, each memory and each instinct that was the foundation of our love.