Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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Making memories with a meaningful first anniversary gift for son and daughter in law can be a unique experience. Choosing the perfect gift is a touchy, intimate task. It shouldn’t come off too cliche and it should represent the bond between the couple. You want to pick something that will make your son and daughter inlaw truly shine, something that will have a lasting effect in their hearts and minds.
One way to make sure your gift is personal and meaningful is to listen to the insight of friends and family, as well as the couple themselves. It’s amazing how much detail others can offer when it comes to understanding the type of gift that your son and daughter in law will appreciate when it comes to celebrating their special milestone.
An unforgettable experience such as hotel stays, music concerts, and plays may be memorable but they come and go quickly. If you’re looking for something that will truly make a statement, consider a personalized, handmade gift that won’t fade with time. A custom-made throw blanket, for example, that depicts the couple’s happy memories, or perhaps a travel mug or photo album, will have a lasting effect. Not only will it provide a unique reminder of their anniversary year, but also it will likely become a treasured family heirloom of memories.
Personalized anniversary paintings from a local artist, who can create an original work of art to celebrate the couple’s celebration of love, is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for those you love. You can even find a photographer to capture the happy couple for a keepsake. Alternatively, you can have their pictures framed in a family portrait photoshoot. This can then be gifted, along with a heartfelt note, to commemorate the special day.
Another meaningful and memorable gift might be a custom-made journal that features all the little moments between the two. Have a memory book filled with quotes, photos and personal notes. This type of gift is sure to ignite emotion and invoke laughter, making the perfect keepsake to look over the memories of the past year.
For married couples, a custom jewelry piece designed by the bride and groom can be a perfect gift symbolizing their commitment and love. A pendent necklace might be chiseled with their initials or a bracelet might be strung with a memorable quote that is shared between the two. Showing your appreciation for the couple through one-of-a-kind jewelry is a gift that will be treasured for years to come.
Creative writing classes or romantic cooking classes may also be an exciting way to spend the anniversary. Rather than just buying a book or certificates for a future class, consider actually attending a class together or have a private session online. With a cooking class, you can order all the ingredients, follow the instructions and cook a delicious meal together.
For the outdoorsy couple, experiencing the joy of nature can be just as therapeutic as it is meaningful. A hammock can be an ideal gift, providing a great escape where they can just relax and savor the companionship of each other. A camping trip or a picnic in the park may also be just the ticket for spending quality couple-time outdoors.
Finally, a handmade scrapbook or a collage of photographs can be made to capture all their cherished moments of the past years. Start collecting photographs right from the moment they got married, the honeymoon vacations and all the adventures they got up to. A thoughtful gift like this will provide an interesting way to reminisce and reflect on the year gone by.