Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

Love is the strongest emotion we can experience and when shared between two people it’s even more beautiful. Celebrating a year of love together can be as simple and timeless as gifting paper. A paper gift is a sentimental and thoughtful gesture that shows you care and is a magical way to symbolise your bond together. Here are some inspiring paper gift ideas to help you mark your first wedding anniversary celebration.
Invoke fond memories of your wedding day by framing a selection of your most cherished wedding photos in a heart-shaped frame. Include uplifting and intimate moments that remind you of how special your day was. Make sure to look for frames or wall art that includes special inscriptions or messages that honour your special connection.
Showcase your wedding vows in a customized poster they’ll be able to use in the home and reflect on all year. Think outside of traditional frames and look for creative ways of displaying your vows, such as hanging it on a canvas or office wall. This is a sweet reminder of how strong your commitment is to one another.
Help them commemorate their 1st year with you by creating a custom “A Year in Love” card. Include heartfelt words of love, specific dates of all the special moments you shared together and some of your favourite memories from the year. Don’t forget to include some handwritten love letters as part of your card.
To make your wedding anniversary even more significant, you can also create a list of wishes for each other. Utilize this moment to make a commitment for the coming year. Include a written pledge of your devotion and define the shared goals you both wish to achieve during this time.
Put all your heartfelt words onto a map and show them a journey of your love story. Include the places and moments you’ve shared together in this one-of-a-kind map. Make sure it’s personalized with your own sketches, symbols, colors and messages related to your relationship.
Design some custom stationary or postcards. Have fun creating personalized letterhead with images or quotes that signify your love for each other and include a unique stamp. You can also personalize cards with scrapbook labels and flourish bits. Handwriting is the perfect way to show your love in a special way.
Write a love story or poem to commemorate the night of your first anniversary. You can share why the other person means so much to you, how they make you feel, how you’ve grown together, what makes your love story unique and so much more. Keep it simple or make a detailed narrative but make sure it’s truly a reflection of your love.
Give them something to look forward to together with a personalized wedding scrapbook. This can include some of the most special anniversaries you’ll be celebrating in the future and plans for the best days ahead. You can also include keepsakes, ticket stubs, quotes, and photos that remind you of the special moments in your relationship.
Mark the first anniversary of your love in a special way by making a custom wedding box. Fill the box with poems or old letters, photos, funny stories or any love-filled memento. You can also add personal trinkets or jewelry to commemorate this day.
Send out a wedding anniversary card that’s custom-made to tell your story. It’s an elegant way to express your love and share some of your favorite memories from the past year. If possible you can add a thoughtful handwritten message along with your card for that extra special touch.
Create a photo album of your own. A collection of memories featuring all the memories of your first year together as husband and wife will make the perfect paper gift. Let your creative juices flow and include funny or unique shots that you’ve taken together, along with special quotes and messages.
Share your love story in the form of a special edition papercut art piece. Whether you want it to be framed, or hung on a wall, this piece of art will always remind your partner of your special bond. You can also add special dates and symbols that tell your remarkable love story.
These paper gift ideas will surely include your love and make your first wedding anniversary celebration just that much more special. Make sure to put your heart into it and express your true feelings for one another.

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