Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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‘What do you get for him?’. It’s a question that plagues many couples on their first anniversary. You want to get something meaningful, something that will surprise and delight him. Instead of the usual suspects, consider these eight paper-based gifts that’ll make him smile:
1. A Poem
Write a poem expressing your love and appreciation for everything he is and all that he’s done for you. Your words create the perfect sentiment that will bring you both joy and harmony. Sprinkle in a few hyperboles and emotional triggers to make it extra special.
2. Tickets
Surprise him with tickets to his favorite sports team or a concert he’s been wanting to attend. Include a special invitation to join you for a date night out.
3. A Photo Album
Play the proud photographer and gather all the best images of the two of you together – first date, camping trips, wedding portraits – and create a photo album. Include descriptive captions and meandering metaphors to bring the memories alive.
4. An Origami Figure
Make something unique and memorable out of paper. Choose an origami figure that speaks to his interests or hobbies and dedicate it to him.
5. A Handwritten Note
Gifting is about the intent behind it. Put your feelings into words, write a personalized message that expresses your gratitude and appreciation for him, and attach it to the gift of your choice.
6. A Magazine Subscription
Gift him with a magazine subscription to his favorite hobby or interest. He’ll continue to be delighted with every new issue that arrives in the mailbox each month.
7. An Art Piece
Be the artist and use paper to craft an art piece. Or, find him a custom-made craft created by a talented artist and let him display it in your home, year after year.
8. A Recipe
Create a recipe sheet on which you write his favorite recipe and a few variations. Include a few notes to bring back the special occasions and moments that you shared while cooking and food prepping together.
Your first anniversary is a special milestone in your relationship and the best way to celebrate it is by expressing your love and appreciation for him. Show him how much you care with any of the above-listed paper-based gifts. He’ll be sure to be charmed and delighted with your thoughtfulness.
Now, instead of picking up the same old gifts, you can find something creative, meaningful, and long-lasting to give him.
Let’s switch the narrative and explore some unique ways you can repurpose paper for other occasions in your relationship.
1. Write a Love Letter
Take some time to sit and write down your love story and all the reasons why you are in love with your other half. Spell out the bigger picture details of the amazing life you are crafting together and share your future aspirations in the same letter.
2. Make Confetti
Gather up scraps of paper to create personalized confetti with meaningful words and messages printed on them. You can then use the confetti to celebrate his small wins and notable efforts and remind him of how important it is to recognize and take pride in their own successes.
3. Create a Set of Instructions
Make a meaningful and fun game by writing out a set of instructions for your partner to follow. For example, you can fold paper into a special shape and have him try to figure out what it is. Creating puzzles and games is a great way to keep his mind engaged and find new ways of connecting and enjoying time together.
4. Create a Coupon Book
Whether a gift card, movie night, or massage in the rain, get creative by crafting a pile of paper coupons that offer experiences or items, specifically tailored to him. They’ll appreciate the time and thought put into making them.
5. Fold a Paper Crane
An important part of a relationship is getting better at expressing love and appreciation for one another. Fold a paper crane in the shape of a heart and give it to your partner to show them how much they mean to you.
There are plenty of creative ways to make use of paper to show your partner how much you care about them. Pick up any of the ideas listed above and you’ll surely find that paper has much more to offer other than just a writing surface.
Though we often think of quality time, big gestures, and expensive gifts as the way to show our loved ones we care, the small, thoughtful, and meaningful paper-based gifts are often just as appreciated. Making use of a humble sheet of paper will help make your relationship more intimate, vibrant, and special.
Using paper as an art medium helps to make thoughtful gifts that are also budget-friendly. Whether it’s an origami figure or homemade confetti, paper-based gifts provide a concrete reminder of your love and appreciation for each other, perfect to commemorate special milestones in your relationship.
For the more daring among you, you can make life-sized cutouts of your partner, or a 3-D paper replica of anything in the world. You can even transform paper scraps into a glamorous piece of jewelry.
You can also make use of paper to bring a bit of nostalgia into your relationship. Write heartfelt notes to your partner or make a scrapbook of memories that you’ve experienced. Even write down a silly-looking love letter, so you can laugh at yourselves.
With these creative ideas, you can say what you need to say and make your partner feel loved and cherished. Whether you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift or need to express your feelings in an unconventional way, paper gifts are a great way to communicate your love without spending a fortune.