Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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Let love reign over the coming years! That sentiment will make feelings soar when it’s time to mark the first anniversary with a thoughtful gift. But what’s the perfect present that can show just how deep your affection goes?
Shopping for a unique first anniversary gift can be daunting, but the key to selecting something they’ll adore that’s also a reflection of your relationship is to think outside the box. From splurge-worthy traditional gifts to bargain ideas, here are some special first-year anniversary gifts that’ll let your partner know just how special they are.
Present something special and meaningful with a gift that symbolizes the passion of your relationship. Traditional first-anniversary gifts are paper products, such as journals or albums, for you two to fill with memories. But you can also pick something that exudes romance, like a vintage champagne flute, artwork of the place where you first met, or a handmade book of love sonnets.
Let’s not forget the sweet treats. Create a delicious anniversary morning with a basket of love-themed goodies like chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne truffles, or a box of heart-shaped macarons. Not only are these delectable delights super romantic, they also double up as an unforgettable token of your care.
If creating something yourself will make the day extra special, then handcraft something unique and personalized. Transform a photo of your first trip together into a piece of art, create a scrapbook of all your shared memories, or gifting a lock of your hair in a custom-designed trinket box with a handwritten note.
Now, for something a bit more practical and extravagantly romantic. Consider combining two traditional presents like paper and clocks, for a modern spin on the classic gift. Get a wall clock decorated with the same design from a memorable trip you both took, or a pocket watch inscribed with a special message.
Going the non-traditional route is a great way to commemorate your special day together. Tiny tokens, such as a vintage charm bracelet, a keychain, or a rose quartz crystal, can be placed inside an origami fortune teller. Pick up a personalized date wine box that’s designed for you to fill with bottles every year and look forward to future anniversaries. You can also go custom with jewelry or write your partner a love letter inscribed on a leather bookmark.
Make the very first anniversary one that expresses your love with a unique and thoughtful gift that they never saw coming. Show them just how far you’ll go to make sure your love will reign throughout the years. Select something with a special message, one that captures the joy of the moment, and that your partner will cherish for many anniversaries to come.