Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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One year down, many more to go. Celebrating a first anniversary is always special. But it’s also something that just happens to come around once a year, so making it even more special would be something truly remarkable. Going beyond buying a simple greeting card, your first anniversary paper present should be full of thoughtfulness and filled with much love.
First, think about their favorite things. From an inside joke to yummy breakfast foods to that cheesy romantic comedy, take the time to reflect on all those sweet moments. When thinking of the perfect paper present, look to what they love and find a way to incorporate it into your gift. Whether you print out your favorite photo and put it in a cute frame or make a scrapbook filled with memories, use the things they love most to create the best anniversary gift.
Next, switch up the traditional. Who needs a boring greeting card with a pre-written phrase when you can write a special poem or thoughtful essay? Or, if you’re not the crafty type, you can look online for more unique options. There are so many fun paper-based anniversary gift ideas! From origami to rose petals made out of paper (a symbol of compassion and love) to a DIY silhouette, get creative and put a twist on the classic paper presents.
Finally, show them you care. Your anniversary paper present should evoke emotion. Whether that’s making them laugh or giving them a heartfelt reminder of your love, make sure your gift has a special meaning to it. Include personal notes in your gift to make it even more thoughtful. Not sure what to write? List out all the things you appreciate about your partner. Whether it’s their patience or unwavering support, go deeper than the surface. Show you really took the time to think about your present.
Bring your idea to life. Now that you’ve got the two birds one stone concept of the perfect anniversary present, it’s time to start working. Get started early and research your idea, or make a list of materials that you’d need. You don’t want to start crafting on your anniversary, so be sure to plan in advance and give yourself plenty of time.
Include sentiment. Creating the present is only half the process. The other half is adding sentimental touches to make it even more special. Make sure to include small things like pictures or your favorite quotes that’ll bring a smile to their face. Look back on your time together and remember all the sweet moments you shared and try to incorporate that into your gift.
Make the presentation special. Whether you stay in and have a romantic dinner or you get out of town for the weekend, make sure the presentation of your paper present is just as special. It’ll add to the surprise and give your gift a setting and an ambience. Not to mention this’ll create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.
Add some symbols. Symbolic paper presents can add so much to the recipient’s experience. Figurines, puzzles, and toys are all fun and creative ideas that you could include. You could also look for a creative representation of the number one! It’s the first anniversary, so symbolic paper presents give you all the more opportunity to signify it and make it truly special.
Don’t forget the details. Gift cards, ribbons, and flowers all make for a perfect touch to your anniversary paper present. It may sound like a lot and it may be, but it’s all worth it! All the little details will show your partner just how much effort you’re willing to put into making this anniversary just as special as it can be!
Be mindful of the occasion. Yes, you want to make it special and meaningful, but don’t forget to have fun. Don’t overthink everything and instead, focus on the joy of the occasion. There’s nothing like the happiness of being in love, so try to keep it lighthearted and full of joy as you celebrate your first anniversary paper present!