Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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Celebrating your first anniversary with paper gifts is a sweet, sentimental way to honor the love you have for each other. Whether you opt for something subtle or something bold, there’s something special in the gesture of marking a special moment in your relationship with a gift that’s made of paper. From heartfelt letters to creative DIY projects, here are some ideas for paper anniversary presents to mark your first year of marriage.
For the Romantic:
With a bit of time and dedication, you can make a scrapbook of memories from your first year together. Fill it with photographs from your wedding day, cherished moments from your honeymoon, and funny snapshots from the year that followed. Include ticket stubs and souvenirs for extra charm – and enlist the help of friends and family for surprise contributions. A personalized journal or book is another option for the romantic: Make an album of sweet love letters, poems, and mementos from the first year of marriage.
For the Adventurer:
A map with special places highlighted is ideal for the adventurous couple. Mark the locations of where you were when you said “yes,” shared your first kiss, took part in a special act of kindness, or any other moment that was significant to your relationship in that first year. Frame the art and make it a map of your journey. Another idea is to make a travel jar. Fill it with paper tags that have a description of a “future destination” you’d like to explore together and place inside the jar for a sentimental keepsake.
For the D.I.Y. Artists:
It doesn’t cost much to make art out of paper: A selection of colored paper, markers, and scissors are all you’ll need. Have a little fun and make a series of heartfelt cards featuring illustrations or simple messages of love. If you have any knack for origami, surprise your sweetheart with a classic paper crane or a hand crafted bouquet of paper roses. If you’re not up for a serious project, purchase a simple box of stationery instead and use the cards to write sweet love notes or share a memory or two.
For The Memory Keepers:
Print out a set of photographs and frame them in a photo collage. Choose images that have special meaning – it could be candid snaps from a fun day out, a screenshot of a funny text thread, or a posed picture from the wedding – anything that reminds you of your first year together. If you want something with more permanence, create a scrapbook of your journal entries from that first year of marriage. Hand-write your innermost thoughts about your relationship, along with meaningful moments and those special memories.