Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

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The perfect first anniversary gift is a decision that takes thoughtful consideration. Unwrapping the perfect gift for your dearest beloved can be tricky! But selecting the right token of your love and appreciation for this momentous occasion does not have to be intimidating. After all, first anniversaries are significant. We’re celebrating 12 thrilling months of closeness and comfort. So, why not honor it with something special?
The pressure to pick the perfect present can be overwhelming. So it’s important to recognize that the ultimate gift is always – and will always be – the unwavering gift of your emotions and devotion. Your relationship truly is the Greatest Gift of all. But that doesn’t mean the “thing” you select doesn’t need to be heartfelt and meaningful.
As one of the most romantic days of the year, the first anniversary is a special time to make some epic memories that you’ll look back on fondly on future anniversaries. That’s why a creative, unique and heartfelt anniversary gift representing your adoration is the very best way to honor your beloved.
One of the long-standing traditions of wedding anniversaries is that paper is the traditional gift for your first year. The significance behind this is all about the fragility of what you are building – your wonderful relationship. You may have come a long way, but there is still so much more growing to do. A paper gift is an expression of that fragility, and it is meaningful and touching when done right.
It’s no wonder why paper has been chosen for the first anniversary. The possibilities are nearly endless! Think love letters, journals, romantic books, cards, a love poem, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, framed pictures, fun date ideas and love notes. Get creative! Recreating your first date with tickets and dinner plans serves as a romantic reminder of your beginning and how far you’ve come. Another great paper present is a personalized book. Transform your favorite wordsmiths into a compilation of stories, poems or quotes all about your experiences thus far.
For a truly creative expression of your love, craft a love letter. Showcase your deep sentiment and gratitude and remember to mention all of the wonderful things that have taken place in this first year. Even if words escape you, it is the thought behind it all that really makes the difference. Your partner will undoubtedly love and appreciate any words that come from your heart.
Alternatively, you could give a subscription box. Gift curated boxes that range from jewelry surprises to spa treatments and all sorts of other goodies. There’s even sweets delivered directly to their door! Or you could choose something unique like a ticket to see a band they enjoy, or something special like flights to the destination of their dreams.
Surprise your partner with something big and let them know you remember every moment of your relationship. Put together a picture and memory album or scrapbook that takes you through your first year of marriage. If you don’t remember all the details, try asking friends and family to contribute! This can be done yourself or you could order a personalized copy. There are some fabulous options available.
Whatever you choose, make it something special. Let your first anniversary be a time to reflect on how far you have come and how many wonderful memories you have created together. Unwrap the perfect gift – the gift of your love and the memories of your first year together.