Sharing in Celebration: Choosing a Special Gift on Paper for Your First Anniversary

When the first anniversary of your relationship rolls around, it’s time to show your special someone how much you love and appreciate them! From thoughtful paper gifts to heartfelt keepsakes, there’s something special for everyone. Here are some of the most memorable ways of celebrating your first anniversary together.
1 – Craft Your Own Anniversary Book
Create an anniversary book that brings back fond memories of your relationship’s journey so far. Collect pictures and souvenirs from special dates and occasions, like tickets stubs and pictures that capture your journey together. Every time you look through the book, you can reminisce and remember those special moments.
2 – Personalised Stationary Set
Surprise your partner with a personalised stationary set- complete with postcards, notecards, and envelopes. You can include personalised messages and create a special set of cards to exchange on each anniversary from now on.
3 – Memory Journal
Say goodbye to boring notebooks and diaries! Create a memory journal together- maybe even together in the same room for an extra special touch. Fill the journal with special mementos, creative quotes, and treasured memories to keep forever.
4 – Customised Fortune Cookie Message
A unique way to celebrate your first anniversary is to create a customised fortune cookie message! Choose something meaningful that reflects your relationship- like a special phrase or a shared inside joke- and include it in the fortune cookie.
5 – Framed Photos And Notes
Recreate your special date or write a sweet note to your partner. Collect your photos and notes and frame them. Pick your favourite ones and print them out to proudly display in your home year-round.
6 – Scrapbook Full Of Gifts
Make a scrapbook full of gifts that represent your relationship. Pick out special items or souvenirs from each of your trips or dates. You can include pictures, tickets, quotes, and more from your journey together.
7 – Refashion Your Old Cards
If you’ve been together for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated quite a few old cards. Don’t discount these simple souvenirs- you can use them to create a special piece of wall art for your home.
8 – Create A Love Letter Jar
You can never go wrong with a romantic gesture like hand-written love letters. Make a jar of love letters and share them on special occasions like anniversaries. Spend some time crafting beautiful words that express your love and appreciation.
9 – Heart-Shaped Cards
Put your creativity to work and transform an old card into a heart-shaped piece of art. Cut out a heart shape and stick the cards on a special frame or mount a collection on the wall.
10 – Write A Poem
Recite your own special poem or simply pen down some heartwarming words that reflect your relationship and all the special moments you’ve shared together. Share your poem with your loved one and make your anniversary even more special.
These thoughtful paper gifts and keepsakes will help you celebrate your first anniversary in the most unique way possible. So, gather up your supplies and start reminiscing together!

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