Sentiments and Symbols: How to Choose the Best Paper First Anniversary Gift

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As couples celebrate the very first milestone of their relationship, nothing can be more special than expressing one’s love in a special and unique way. This may be done through a personalized paper gift that is truly one of its kind and speaks volumes about the thought and effort gone behind it. You can also go the old school way and put your heartfelt words to paper, as one’s eternal love is best conveyed with warm notes, special cards and gifts like never before.
To help you make the special day even more memorable, here are some superlative paper gift ideas to shower your sweetheart with love on the very first anniversary:
1. A creative lovebook
Provide a visual account of your love story with an amazing lovebook. Put together all your special moments, date nights and pictures in a book with lovely design elements and consider it as your very own love manifesto. You can also add funny messages to bring a smile on your honey’s face.
2. Notable quotes
Delve deep into literary works to bring forth some of the best love quotes and compile them in a journal. You can design it in a manner that conveys the emotion behind each quote perfectly, making it look extremely heartfelt and special.
3. Fantastic photo albums
Make sure that your moments spent together have their place and relive those special moments with fascinating photo albums. Make note of each picture, the accompanying story and highlight the endless joy that these special occasions have brought you both.
4. Custom artwork
Gift your special one a unique piece of art that includes photos and words that are associated with your relationship. It will portray a beautiful memory of your time spent together and all your happy moments.
5. Love cards
Write down some of the sweetest memories and pick the ones that have made you both a better couple. Compile them in a series of cards and create a superlative anniversary gift that showcases your heartfelt emotion and tangles your lives together more deeply.
6. Scrapbook
Create a wonderful scrapbook of all the moments you had together, marking the milestones of your relationship in a special, collage-like manner. Include the happy moments she shared with your friends and family plus all the loving messages exchanged between the two of you.
7. Quirky handwritten letters
Let your most cherished memories be reflected in an alluring handwritten letter. Write or draw down all that your relationship stands for and when you look back at it years from now, it will stand as a reminder of why your first anniversary was so special and marks the beginning of your lives together.
8. Wall of memories
Create a sensational wall of memories for your anniversary by sticking creative heart-shaped paper and tiny caricatures of all that made your first year something you’ll never forget. Add all the creative elements that make your heart skip a beat and watch your wall of memories come alive with the love you two share.
9. Heartfelt calendar
Put together twelve of the best pictures from your last year and let her know how much you both have grown as a couple. Create a delightful calendar with beautiful visuals and quotes and let these notes be the reminder of your amazing togetherness.
10. Time capsule
The best way to commemorate your first year of togetherness and make it memorable is to make a time capsule. Fill it with the momentos of your last year, including the little things that matter the most. Write a meaningful note and dig it up along with your sweetheart after a year and trigger all those unique memories together.
Put your heart and soul into these paper gift ideas and let the special day be even more memorable for your sweetheart as she is showered with love and pure warmth.