Sentiments and Symbols: How to Choose the Best Paper First Anniversary Gift

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Making the first anniversary more memorable with paper gifts is a wonderful way to express one’s love and appreciation. Paper gifts, made with time and care, are the perfect way to immortalize memories and emotions of the special day. Not only are they practical and meaningful but they are also affordable, completely memorable, and can be personalised to the recipient.
Gifting the special someone with paper-crafted goods sets the right tone for any anniversary. Making origami roses with crepe paper strips is a terrific way to elevate the occasion. Mixed red and pink colors to express love, romance and tenderness and create precious bloom buds. Play with shapes and colors to demonstrate oneness. A romantic dinner, decorated with paper flowers and dinner candles, always sets the moods right.
But, more than that, it is the thought behind the gift that really makes it an unforgettable gift. Look for small and simple items made of paper that when flipped together create something special. Place them in an envelope decorated with your heartfelt message or go a step further and write a love poem, add a flower, sprinkle a path of rose petals, wrap it with a decorative ribbon, and put a paper note of love on top. A paper bouquet of romantic roses will also make a beautiful gifting option, with both the envelope and the contents inside immortalized with love.
Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to surprising your other half with a special gift. Personalize paper gifts to make it more meaningful. Fold origami into a card with your chosen message, plus an added photo of the two of you to make sure the person knows how special and loved she or he is. Collect delicate paper petals, and press them into a colorful sheet of paper for a beautiful card that holds a powerful message.
For those that have the gift of words, nothing compares to a heartfelt love letter. After all, it is the love declaration that remains behind the paper and stands the test of time. So, put it onto paper and make one of the most magical and romantic gifts that can be given on a special day.
Delight the loved one with a collection of paper carnations, or a single paper rose for each year spent together. No matter the gift, congratulations, you’ve just made the first anniversary one to remember!