Sentiments and Symbols: How to Choose the Best Paper First Anniversary Gift

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Remember the days when you were deeply in love and it was all so new and exciting? If a year has now passed since that date, it’s time to give your husband the gift of ‘experience love’ on your first anniversary with some truly creative paper gift ideas. Wrap your gifts in something memorable like a paper map of one of your first dates, pasted on a box or rolled around a bouquet of his favorite blooms. Or if he’s a music lover, make him groovy paper tickets to an upcoming gig with just the two of you stamped onto them!
Sometimes, words can make a gift even more special. Print out some of your love letters and put them in a decorated envelope that you can gift your husband. For something tie-dyed, use a map again and print out tiny pictures of memories you’ve had together through different stages of your relationship, then tea stain each photo to give it a vintage feel. With each memory you’ve captured, pair up some meaningful messages and have them framed creatively with sketches or art that makes your man’s heart flutter.
For those who can’t decide what to give their husband, how about a paper surprise box? Get artistic and fold origami boxes in three different sizes to fit the small gifts that your husband would love. From the classic cufflinks to an unexpected gift like tickets to travel the world, surprise him with the greatest of gifts that express your love for him. If your man’s a tech enthusiast, create a crafty paper photo album with a treasure trove of digital photos from your first year memories.
If you have a penchant for drawing or sketching, why not immortalize your relationship on paper? You could draw or paint a picture of the two of you or a still-life of your happy moments from the past year. If photography is more your thing, try scrapbooking with vintage random items like postcards or even fabric pieces on a scrapbook to write letters and stick photos of your best memories.
Don’t forget to add some special finishing touches to make your gift pop. If you want your paper gift to be more than just a piece of work, get super creative and personalize it with stickers, tiny trinkets or special messages to make your paper gift even more special. Or you can also simply write out your heartfelt messages on some pretty and delicate paper and let your husband marvel at your amazing gift.