Sentiments and Symbols: How to Choose the Best Paper First Anniversary Gift

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A million little phrases come to mind when you think of the perfect first anniversary gift for the guy you love. But when it comes to surprising him, you want something that stands out and is as special as he is. From a meaningful gesture to a sentimental gift, here’s the scoop on the best way to take your relationship to the next level.
Flowers and Chocolates
A bouquet of beautiful blooms paired with some tantalizing chocolates always works. Whether its a raw dozen roses or an extravagant array of his favorite flowers, chocolates certainly exudes love and appreciation. Make it extra special by having them delivered to his workplace for an oh-so-romantic surprise!
Romantic Getaway
Leave your guy spellbound by whisking him away for a romantic getaway. Spend the night away from it all and enjoy celebrating your love in a luxurious setting. Not only can you visit places you’ve never been before, you can also share quality time together and enjoy making lasting memories.
Shared Memory
Create a special shared memory to look back on. Even if it’s something like riding a ferris wheel, it will reminds you both of the first anniversary of your relationship. Plus, it’s always fun to document the whole experience and make a scrapbook out of it later.
Personalized Gift
For a personalized touch, get him something with his name, initials or something special that both of you know that no one else does. It could be anything from a personalized etched whiskey decanter, monogrammed cufflinks or a tailored shirt. These kinds of stylish and thoughtful gifts will definitely show him how much he means to you.
Lavish him with Love
Show him how much you love him with something simple yet luxurious. Pamper him with a unique spa treatment, such as a massage or a mani-pedi. Take him for a shopping spree and let him choose whatever he wants! Or share a unique experience like helicopter ride over the city. Either way, this will be a first anniversary he will never forget.
Surprise Trip
Surprise him with the gift of travel. Book his dream destination and plan the entire journey. Include tickets to special events in the city and take him to explore new places and make incredible memories you’ll cherish forever.
Gift of time
If you have been meaning to do something special with him, why not use the first anniversary as the perfect occasion? Spend the day just the two of you, whether that is a picnic in the park or a special cooking session. Gift him the time you spend together and it will surely be more special and thoughtful than any material gift.
Photographic Memories
Enlist the help of a professional photographer for a photoshoot session. Not only for the two of you, but of your family and friends too, if it’s a milestone occasion. Capture moments from the day and create a beautiful photo album with little tidbits of amusement or write a lovely message highlighting the special moment.
Write it from the Heart
Nothing is more special than writing a heartfelt letter or poem for your man. Express your love and appreciation for him, share all your wonderful memories and tell him about how amazing the journey has been so far. This simple yet incredibly touching gesture will surely be treasured by him for many years to come.
DIY Project
For a more creative and personal gift, put together a little something he will love. Whether it’s based on a hobby he loves or a special memento of yours, create a DIY project together and turn it into a special centerpiece of the day. From sweet treats to heartfelt messages, this will never fail to make him smile.
Gift of Music
For the musically inclined, there’s no better way to surprise him than with the gift of music. Gift him a subscription to a music streaming service, compile a custom mix CD of the songs you both love, or put together a playlist of your love story. All of these thoughtful gifts will have your guy singing your praises all year round.
No matter what your guy loves, the best way to surprise him with the perfect first anniversary gift is to put a little bit of your heart and creative thinking into it. Planning a heartfelt and thoughtful gift is sure to make this day even more special and give him the best surprise he could ask for. Whatever your choice, making it special and unique is the key.