Sentiments and Symbols: How to Choose the Best Paper First Anniversary Gift

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Getting the Perfect First Anniversary Gift for Your Husband: Ideas to Help You Out
When the year turns and it’s time to celebrate your first anniversary together, it can be a magical day and you want to get just the right gift. Finding the perfect gift for your husband can be tricky, you want it to be meaningful and special, otherwise, it won’t be as impactful. Here are some ideas to help spark your creativity and get you the right gift.
1. An Experience – Something Intimate.
Whether you take him out flying on a plane or spend the night at a hotel, an outing will be special and demonstrate your thoughtfulness and love. If you’re planning to do something more intimate you can also customize it to your husband’s interests. If he’d rather stay in and you prepare a romantic dinner at home, enveloped in his favorite scent with a few romantic movies in the background, then do this. An experience with lots of meaning and thought will bring much more to your relationship than a material gift.
2. Something Handmade
Handmade gifts show how much you love your husband and that you’ve spent plenty of time thinking of him. Those kinds of gifts are always appreciated, and mean the world to him. You can make him something like a scrapbook filled with memories, a poster of your favorite photos together or even something like a terrarium that you’ve made especially for him. If you’re strapped for time, customizing a gift or a handmade card will also bring a lot of meaning.
3. Technology Related
If your husband likes tech, a tech related gift will light up the room. Whether it’s a novelty item, the latest in tech, or something more useful like a laptop, the options are endless. A great way to display your personal touch is to customize items to his interests, because this will show that you really care. Customizing it with engraving, a name tag or an inside joke will make it even more special.
4. A Book
Books that have words of wisdom will express your love without you having to come up with the right thing to say. Not to mention that if you’ve found a title that really resonates with him, he’ll be reminded of you every time he reads it. And if it’s a favorite, it can also serve as a great conversation starter for the two of you.
5. Jewelry
Jewelry is always a trusty option and will bring a special sparkle to your anniversary. Whether it’s a watch, a ring or a bracelet, it’s the best way to commemorate this date and express your love. It can also be easily customized with engraving, his birthstone or any other little detail that will melt his heart.
6. Grooming Related
A gift related to skincare and grooming, not only shows that you pay attention to your husband’s interests, but also that you care about his well-being. Whether it’s cologne, a shaving kit, a massage or a spa day, it will make him feel taken care of and special. In addition, it’s something that he can always look back to and remember this first anniversary.
7. Something Funny
This kind of gift will bring in the laughs, inject humor into your relationship and make your anniversary more enjoyable. Whether it’s a funny t-shirt with his favorite logo, personalized shot glasses or funny books, even the silliest box or something outrageous will be sure to bring out the smiles. It’s also a great way to show you’re dedicated to keep the relationship fun.
8. Tickets to Somewhere
It doesn’t matter if it’s a theater show, an event or a reserved trip, tickets will ensure an unforgettable night. Give him a surprise and make an impromptu getaway to the place of your dreams and you’ll be sure to make your anniversary extra special.
9. An Outfit
Nothing says happy anniversary like a super-chic outfit that fits him just right and makes him look extra handsome. Customizing something like a shirt with his initials or a pocket square with his favorite colors will make him feel stylish and appreciated.
10. Home Decor
Surprise your husband this anniversary with a home decor item that’s meaningful and will always remind him of you. You can buy him a portrait of the two of you, a customized name plate, a table or vase, a nice clock, or a vintage item that will bring character to your home. It’s a great way to surprise him while also beautifying your home.
11. Indulgences
Give him something that he wants but doesn’t think of buying himself, like a fine spirit, a tin of his favorite cigars, something gourmet or even something he can take on his next vacation. This tiny splurge will be enough to make him feel extra spoiled.
12. Something Musical
For your music-enthusiast husband getting him something musical will be sure to light him up with joy. Whether it’s a guitar pick, a subscription to a streaming service, a signed poster, a vinyl or something that he’s been wanting for a while. Bringing back the music will bring back the love and appreciation to your relationship.
13. A Subscription Box
This is the perfect way to show your husband that you remember the things he likes and that you care about his needs and wants. Subscription boxes come with a variety of items he likes, so all you have to do is pick the one most meaningful for him. It’s sure to be a lasting reminder of your first anniversary.
14. Personalized Art
Art brings meaning to our relationships and gives us something to look at every day. It will also bring a more sophisticated touch to your home. Whether it’s a cute drawing, a commissioned painting, or a unique sculpture, buying art will be a special way to show your commitment and admiration, and it will last forever.
15. A Gift Box
For a bride and groom with varied interests, you can save the time and hustle of going to multiple stores by getting your husband one of those gift boxes. These come packed with all sorts of goodies, like snacks, books themed items, even beauty products, which can be perfect and will light up your anniversary. Every time your husband opens the box, it’ll bring him back to this special day.