Paper Anniversary: Exploring Unique and Creative Gift Ideas

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The first anniversary celebrations call for something special, and what better way to surprise your beloved than with a meaningful paper gift! Sure, you can buy chocolates and flowers, but why not go for something a little more personal? Whether you opt for handmade presents that have you written all over them, or choose something sophisticated, paper gifts will definitely add a hint of romance to your day.
Making paper gifts doesn’t have to be difficult; with a little creativity, you can turn your first anniversary into an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the best paper gift ideas that will surely score you some extra brownie points:
1. Homemade Stationery
Rather than spending money on overpriced store bought cards, why not get crafty with some paper and essential arts and craft supplies and make truly unique stationery. From cards to envelopes to folders and journals, there are plenty of ideas for creating handmade paper gifts. Pick up some beautiful paper, an ink pad, gift tags and a ribbon and let your imagination run wild.
2. A Memory Quilt
For an extra special touch, consider a memory quilt. Incorporate photographs from your first year of marriage and make it even more special with handwritten messages and dates, or special dedications. Add pretty lace and ribbons for a finishing touch and a truly heartfelt paper present.
3. Beautiful Artwork
Making a piece of artwork is easier and more affordable than it looks. Let your artistic side run free by creating a set of handmade paper collages or a piece of art with painting supplies. If you’re not confident in your artistic ability, why not try a simple watercolour painting or create a comic strip.
4. Customised Map
Give your gift an extra personal touch by creating a customised map. Pick out a map of the place you first met and add a heart charm or a romantic message at the location. Alternatively, choose a map of the place you got married and mark it with a few pins.
5. Picture Frame Card
Show your loved one how much they mean to you with a cute handmade picture frame card. Create a card from scrapbook paper and attach some string and a mini picture frame at the top. Leave a heartfelt message inside and your partner will be kept smiling for months.
Alternatively, if you’re after something more sophisticated and luxurious, a personalized photo album or a necklace made from books of your favorite stories are just some of the exquisite paper gift ideas that guarantee to surprise your partner. For something truly unforgettable, why not create a paper cut artwork of your wedding photo or frame a set of love letters for an extra special touch?
Whichever paper gifts you choose, there’s no doubt that the memories of your first anniversary will last a lifetime. So make sure to make it extra special with these unique and meaningful gift ideas.