Paper Anniversary: Exploring Unique and Creative Gift Ideas

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It’s been a year since you first said ‘I do’ and you want to make sure your special someone knows how much you still cherish them. So how can you show them that your love is as strong as ever? The perfect first anniversary gift!
A thoughtful token of your love, something unique just for them, will have your beloved bursting with joy. From sophisticated to playful, being creative is key when it comes to surprise your loved one. But don’t forget to tailor your gift to your partner’s tastes.
Tokens with Meaning
Your partner is special, and so should the gift. You don’t have to go all-out to win his heart all over again. Try looking for things with special memories attached — like a book from the literature course you both took together or a baseball from the first game you attended together. Reminiscing often brings a smile to the face and a feeling of connection.
Surprising Ways to Say “I Love You”
Express your love in a new way! If your better half is a fan of adventure, why not book a hot air balloon flight or a surprise getaway? Music lovers can’t go wrong with a romantic playlist tailored to the both of you. For foodies, a unique gourmet experience — cooking a meal together — is a sure-fire way to show him you care.
Sentimental Ideas
Memories of times past always tug at the heartstrings and can bring a special bond between two people closer. If you don’t have any souvenirs, you can use photos, ticket stubs and letters. Put together a DIY scrapbook with all the artifacts of your love story, as it progresses through time — start from the first date and keep it going until the present day.
Exciting Experiences
Is your partner a fan of excitement? Whether it’s theme parks and rock concerts or a high-flying skydive or hot air balloon ride, whatever it is that brings a twinkle to his eye, surprise him with an unforgettable experience. If you both love animals, a wild safari or a day at a wildlife park could be a day to remember.
A Night Out on the Town
If your lovebird loves the night life, plan an unforgettable evening out. Rent a fancy car, get dressed up and go out on a romantic dinner followed by a Broadway show or even a magical circus, to show your special someone how deep your love is.
So don’t fret, with the right gift, you’re sure to sweep your beloved off his feet. Show him you cherish him and surprise him with an exquisite first anniversary present, to win his heart all over again!