One Year Down, Many More to Go: The Perfect Paper Gift to Commemorate Our Anniversary

The perfect, unique gift for a loved one’s anniversary, crossing centuries, is paper. Whether it’s a card, book, certificate or piece of art, paper anniversary gifts mark a special moment and are sure to last a lifetime.
This special token of love and appreciation has been a traditional part of celerbrations for years, providing a long-lasting connection between the giver and receiver. Such a meaningful and heartfelt gift is sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Not only will they carry it in their heart, they’ll carry a physical reminder of your love as well. What more impactful way of saying, “I’m thinking of you” could you ask for than a paper anniversary gift?
From vintage and modern art to personalized books, these unforgettable gestures of affection offer something for everyone. For someone with a passion for art and fashion, a special sketch or painting, custom written message or magazine cover can be selected with the recipient in mind. And for the gift-seeking bookworm, the possibilities are seemingly limitless. On-demand publishing has opened up all sorts of doors, where entire stories, poetry, even binders full of photos can be custom-made to commemorate an important day.
Of course, a heartfelt hand-written note expressing your love can also go a long way These days, carefully crafted notes can be mailed as a greeting card or even as a printable PDF, allowing recipient to read and re-read your special message whenever they’d like. For something a bit more deeply meaningful, consider looking into quill-and-ink letter writing kits – a truly stunning way to keep your words and memories alive.
Don’t forget paper-based scrapbooks either. Whether it’s love-filled stories, beautiful photographs or a collection of ticket stubs – a scrapbook provides the opportunity to preserve your most cherished memories for nostalgic reflection. There’s just something about printed sketches and photos that you can’t experience through a computer screen.
For a special couple, you may choose to write a love poem with the help of a professional poet, documenting their history of commitment and devotion. Combining a handwritten verse with artwork and framing it is sure to leave them both beaming for years to come.
Paper anniversary gifts can also come in the form of certificates and awards. Open up the creation process and show your artistry by presenting a created ‘gift of the year’. Design certificates and awards in artistic and memorable ways, using designs, materials and inscriptions of your own. For example design a personalized presentation folder commemorating a thrilling event or achievement, such as a moment in time, a ‘job well done’ or another special moment.
And don’t forget the classics! Special, decorative paper gift-cards are always a hit. Choose meaningful cards that reflect the personality of your recipient and fill the card with a personal message – poems, lyrics, quotes or rich anecdotes.
For an extra thoughtfulness quotient, try tying the gift to the first or special anniversary. For example, give a paper-made card describing the first day you two met or a wooden framed certificate to represent the first year of your union.
In this digital age, paper anniversary gifts have become more poignantly more relevant than ever. Celebrate your love through the words, drawings and memorabilia of physical paper gifts and create something uniquely special that will speak to the relationships, landmarks and special moments of your life together.
No matter the form – framed artwork, certificates, cards, books or poems – paper anniversary gifts will make for an unforgettably meaningful gift that will last a lifetime. Pure bliss.

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