Never Forget: Celebrate Your First Anniversary by Memorializing Your Love On Paper

Writing your own Fairy Tale can be a special, heartfelt way to give a paper gift to your partner on your first anniversary. It can also present your story and feeling in a truly unique way that will far outshine any store bought gift. The story should contain your journey thus far and what you find remarkable about your partner and life together. This is a way to incorporate your own flair while providing a compelling read that will capture both of your hearts.
First, choose the style and setting of your story. Will it be a fantasy, adventure, or a classic fairytale? Do you want it to be comic relief or dark romance? This is when you can get creative and allow your own eccentricities to shine. Figure out what imaginative elements you want to showcase in the tale. This could include mythical creatures, beyond-this-world characters, wild forests, or secret kingdoms. It can be an interesting blend of genres, combining samurai with robots, fairies with rockstars, and more.
Next, weave your story together. This is where you get to draw on your own experiences and show the struggles you both have faced together, the growth you achieved, the love you feel for each other, and the unique characteristics of your partner. Make sure to include something that symbolizes your special bond such as a ring, cup of tea, or a seashell. And remember to save the happy ending for last; this should be a reminder of your commitment to each other. As your story unfolds, build up the tension and emotions until it culminates in a positive resolution.
Then, illustrate your story. Draw in your own art style or find an artist who can help. This will give the story an extra layer of depth and help engage a reader- or audience. Collaborate with the illustrator to make sure the visual elements stay true to the narrative. You won’t want it to be too cartoony or overly realistic; if it’s too severe, it won’t reflect your unique love story. Keep the images evocative and playful.
Finally, print and bind your fairy tale with beautiful paper and a special cover. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even design your own cover with associated images and titles for a truly custom touch. The binding should be sturdy and permanent, ensuring the story is made to last. Add a few additional extras like postcards, letters, or drawings, and you have a truly special, substantial gift.
Make sure to keep your story in a safe place and re-read it on special days like anniversaries, birthdays, or just on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Writing your own Fairy Tale is a delightful way to show your partner how you really feel, and will be cherished as a warm, tangible reminder of your relationship that can only be found in your own handmade masterpiece.

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