Never Forget: Celebrate Your First Anniversary by Memorializing Your Love On Paper

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Today marks the first year of special love and tender companionship between you and your beloved BF. There’s nothing quite like celebrating the love you share, and what better way to commemorate than with a thoughtful and sweet first anniversary gift? Whether your longtime love has traditional tastes or prefers something unique, we’ve rounded up the best first anniversary gifts that’ll make your beau fall even more hopelessly in love with you!
A Bouquet of His Favorite Flowers
Dream up a one-of-a-kind bouquet with every type of Marigold, rose, and daisy that your BF adores! This romantic gesture is sure to wow your darling and will make them feel truly special. For an added surprise, write them a heartfelt letter or a poem that’ll express just how much they mean to you. Nothing will be sweeter and more romantic than that!
His Favorite Bottle of Wine
Nothing’s better than popping open a bottle of wine with your beloved on a romantic night. Give your sweetie-pie a special surprise by gifting them their favorite bottle of wine. Whether it’s a sweet pinot noir or a woody cabernet, your gift will be the perfect pairing for an unforgettable evening.
His and Hers Matching Watches
Commemorate your special bond with a meaningful set of his and her watches. Your BF will love the stylish design of their new timepiece, and you’ll be able to share even more tender moments knowing that you have something to always remind you of each other.
Engraved Gold Bracelet
A gold bracelet engraved with a unique message or phrase is sure to melt your BF’s heart. Pick a quote or phrase that’s meaningful to both of you, and they can wear it around all the time, forever and ever.
Gift Card to His Dream Company
If your beau is a workaholic who dreams of one day working at a prestigious company, help them make their wish come true by gifting them a gift card to their dream workplace. It’s literally the perfect way to celebrate your first year of love!
A Thoughtful Scrapbook
Put together a scrapbook that’ll encapsulate all the wonderful moments of your first year together. Get creative and funky by packing it with sweet, thoughtful notes and photos of you two. Your BF will love this thoughtful and endearingly adorable gift!
A Pair of Abstract Paintings
If your BF is an art aficionado, a set of inspiring abstract paintings is the perfect first anniversary gift. Not only are they a thoughtful gesture, they’ll also be a reminder of the passion that you two share.
A Nostalgic Gift Basket
If your BF loves reminiscing in the past, whip up a nostalgic gift basket for them! Fill it with their favorite treats and special knick-knacks from your first date. Your BF will be absolutely thrilled at the thoughtfulness of your wonderful gift!
A Getaway for Two
There’s nothing like getting away with your one and only for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Take your anniversary celebrations to the next level by surprise them with a romantic getaway for two at their favorite spot! They’ll be grinning from ear to ear, guaranteed.
A Framed Photograph
Nothing’s sweeter than framing the perfect photograph of you two to hang up in your living room. Pick the best pic out of all the pics you have taken in the last year and have it printed, framed and gift it to your bae. It’ll capture the beauty of your relationship in just one shot and they are sure to be giddy seeing it!
Couples Spa Gift Card
For an ultra-relaxing and pampering treat, have a couples spa gift card delivered right to their door. Bond with your bae as you both receive special treatments ranging from head to toe massages, soothing facials and so much more! Luxury never felt so good!
An Intimate Home-Cooked Date
There’s nothing like a romantic home-cooked date to make your bae feel extra special. Channel your inner master-chef and whip up some amazing dishes for a special meal like no other. Give the dining room a little extra touch by lighting some candles, playing some soft music and make the perfect toast!