Gifting in Permanence: Show Love on Your First Anniversary with a Gift On Paper

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Paper presents and memories – celebrating your first anniversary in style is a momentous occasion that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a day to look back fondly on all the wonderful moments you’ve had together in your new life. To truly appreciate this special occasion, you must celebrate it in style.
A truly romantic present is a timeless piece of paper art. Whether you choose a handmade card with a special love poem written in it or an exclusive paper sculpture, the impact of such a thoughtful gift will be felt by your partner. You could even create a special paper collage with romantic reminders of all that you have achieved together in a year. Not only will this present show your partner how much you care, but it will also double up as a loving keepsake where you can somehow preserve all the beautiful moments you’ve had in your first year as a couple.
Using paper as a medium to express your emotions is romantic and creative. A handmade paper rose bouquet, for instance, could be an excellent way to show your affections. You could even recreate the venue where you first met, or symbolic moments of your first year, with paper art. Whatever the gift and whatever the medium, the fact that it’s handmade and customised will be a testament of your undying love for your partner.
Prints and paper art can also tell a story. For instance, hand-drawn journals, pattern prints of your favourite places, and A3 posters of your most-loved memories can be framed and hung up in your home. Put together a photo album exhibiting your best memories and write romantic messages in captions underneath, revisiting this medley of memories is certain to bring a tear to your partner’s eye.
Writing sweet letters and cards can be another great way to show affection. Give your partner a handmade envelope with all your memories, or design an intricate cover within an A4 paper where your letter can lay – this can range from an invitation to a surprise outing to a heartfelt love letter. For added nostalgia, sprinkle some dried rose petals in the envelope – making sure to use your partner’s favourite colour! Not only will they be moved by your creativity, they’ll also be sure to keep the love letter forever.
Imagination is key when it comes to coming up with paper presents that rock your first anniversary. Explore different paper textures and experiment with different artwork and colours of your own! You can never go wrong with a handmade paper present that’s filled with your sweetest memories and love.