A Timeless Love: Signifying Your First Anniversary with a Gift On Paper

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Roses are red and love is sweet, this first anniversary is a treat! You want to surprise your love with something extra special on this special day. But, don’t worry about spending a fortune on expensive gifts or grand arrangements. Instead, opt for some simple and thoughtful paper gifts that will make your partner feel loved and appreciated.
At the heart of this special day is the love you share, and nothing says more than gifts rooted in this emotion. Get your hands on unique stationary with a heartfelt quote or message only the two of you share. Gifting a box of stationary embodying your precious memories will be a surefire way to make your partner swoon. Plus, they can even use it to write love letters over the next year!
Another option to surprise your love is with a handmade card. Put your craftiness to work as you design a creative card made of nothing but love and paper. Your personal touch is sure to get your partner feeling all sorts of love for you. You can even get the two of you printed on the card that reads of your never-ending love for each other. As the card reads, you can add a blend of creative visuals, certain symbols and fun facts about the two of you that your partner loves.
Writing heartfelt as well as funny notes and funny quips on paper is another easy-to-follow gift option. If words of love are said best on paper, your partner will certainly be delighted if you go down this path. Here the one-liners will be the star of the show, and the only limit will be your creativity. Showcase your writing prowess and have your partner in frenzied state of emotions, with your words.
Surprise your partner even further and give them their very own journal that they can use as an outlet to express themselves in, no matter what emotions they are feeling. This will be a novel way to show your partner, that you not only care but also want to lend a listening ear, even when they just need to note down their thoughts.
Create a festive mood by printing out special photos the two of love took during the first year of your relationship in a nice photo album. Help your partner reminisce of sweet memories and the long journey you both have been through. Add a special story or quote to every page that echoes your journey, so that when your partner flips the pages, it will be like re-living special moments of your first year of love over and over again.
Make use of the symbolic representation of ‘paper’, that is the first anniversary theme. Surprise your partner with a framed print displaying a special poem, a contract of promises and vows or a caricature of the two of you that marks the completion of your inspiring first year of journey as a couple.
Give a gift that will last ever-lasting with a long message in a bottle. Write all your feelings on a paper and slip it into a bottle that you place in a box. Now, your love has something precious to look back to, and reminisce of the special day whenever they will open it anytime in the future.
Your first anniversary is a special milestone for the two of you, and a small paper gift will certainly go a long way in making it extra special. From sentimental stationery sets to personalized cards and funny notes, shower your love in paper and make your anniversary as memorable as they come.