A Perfect Gift On Paper: Celebrating the Joys of Your First Anniversary

As the year crawls to a close and the anniversary of your union closes in, it is time to make a special gesture — one that shows your love, affection and admiration for him. One that commemorates the amazing journey of your relationship. One that causes sparks to fly! Celebrate the magical year you spent together with perfect first anniversary gifts for him. From trinkets of home decor to special tokens of appreciation — this anniversary is yours to cherish.
Remind him of the beautiful journey you’ve shared together by choosing a gift that captures the essence of your love story. A tranquil painting of the two of you, printed or hand painted, could make for a memorable first anniversary present. Or choose a meaningful quote and get it inscribed on a personalized mug, cushion or keychain. Repurpose a photo from an amazing journey you’ve taken together or an old family album and turn it into a beautiful set of magnets. Filled with funny, romantic and cheesy reminders of your love, these make for an unforgettable first anniversary gift.
Spark a laugh with your gift this anniversary. Consider a funny Best Husband Ever mug or Best Partner Ever mug as a special reminder of his importance to you. Or surprise him with a fun caricature of the two of you embracing your love. Help him dress to impress with a personalized T-shirt with a meaningful life message or a witty phrase. If your paths have intersected in love, be it a love of music, sports, cinema or art, you could make it more special with matching accessories. How about a customizable iPad case with a picture of your favorite artist or DJ? Or matching T-shirts.
With people of all ages rediscovering the simple things in life, why not make this a special first anniversary by gifting him an instrument or an art set? Give him an amazing gifting experience with an at home DIY set. You can also choose a special watch, audio or personalized tech accessories. If your budget allows, arrange for a soothing spa day for two and a restful evening of snuggling at home. If he loves the outdoors and camping, surprise him with the perfect gifts, like a hammock set or a soft throw.
And who said you needed to give a present to express your gratitude and appreciation? Imagine him waking up to a sweet surprise – a romantic anniversary breakfast in bed. Plan an anniversary getaway, just the two of you, and make it more special with a night of stargazing, music and painting. Nothing trumps the first anniversary more than a heartfelt letter with an envelop of confetti, catching him by surprise. Create an album with pictures, videos and quotes to remind him of all the beautiful memories he has been a part of. Or spend time reminiscing together – roll out the red carpet, don the wedding dresses, and put on the rings! One year of love deserves to be celebrated with a perfect gift and some beautiful memories.

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