A Perfect Gift On Paper: Celebrating the Joys of Your First Anniversary

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As the clock strikes twelve, two years ago you both exchanged vows of forever love, a successful marriage in the making. To commemorate this special day, why not give your special someone the perfect paper anniversary gift: a sweet, heartfelt love story they’ll be sure to swoon over. After all, your love is the kind most people only dream of.
The paper anniversary is the perfect time to create a unique tale of your relationship and all the precious memories of these past two years together. It’s a time for reflections that make you both appreciate every single little thing you have endured and cherished throughout this beautiful journey.
Start by thinking about all the beautiful qualities your beloved has that makes them so absolutely perfect for you. This could include the way his eyes sparkle in the sunlight or the way she always make you laugh until your sides hurt. Begin each day of your paper anniversary celebration by writing down a few of these memories. Write a page each day until the whole story is completed.
When you’re done, take your story to a local copy shop and have it bound into a book with a script title of your choice. It will be a reminder forever of how special your love is and how beautiful your bond has become in the two years since you exchanged your vows. On your paper anniversary, present this story as a gift to your beloved: they will forever cherish it.
Now, as you watch your love story unfold in the pages of that book, you remember how your first date and first glance made you feel. Wrap up this perfect paper anniversary gift with a heartfelt message about how proud you are of your relationship, and how beautiful it is to have made it so far and still remain so deeply in love.
The gift of a heartfelt paper anniversary book full of memories and reflections will always stay with your beloved. They’ll be reminded every day of the wonderful journey you’ve been on, and the endless love story you’ll share come what may.
On the thoughtful occasions that meant more than first time moments, relive them in pages of a beautiful tale. Remember the surprise lunch you made for your spouse and the grand sunset walk you shared. Likewise, celebrate the days, big and small accomplishments, that make all these moments unforgettable.
You’ll think back to the wonderful events of your life and all the difficulties you faced together. From getting lost in the woods to camping in the rain, all of it will feature in the pages of this book of love. Celebrate every bit of joy, that you both shared with each other as a team.
When your anniversary date arrives, go on a romantic walk to your favorite spot and share the togetherness, that flowed through the timeline of your relationship. Cherish the reminisce of both the hard times and good times that you passed together. Celebrate your complete devotion, confidence in each other, and the admiration that stood through the storm.
On that special day, look into each others eyes with the respect of a spouse, and the warmth of a friend. Proclaim your love for each other and the journey you have started. Make a toast with cupcakes and champagne for each other and enjoy the perfect paper anniversary gift you have just created.