A Perfect Gift On Paper: Celebrating the Joys of Your First Anniversary

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As they say, nothing says love and commitment like a beautiful gift! If you’re a couple celebrating your first anniversary together, you’re sure to be feeling the love and eager to express your affections. From heartfelt, romantic gifts to playful, creative presents, this list of the top 10 first anniversary gift ideas will have him smiling and you’re both showering each other with love and appreciation.
1. A romantic weekend away. Who doesn’t love the chance to lock themselves away from reality and whisk themselves away on a special weekend? Think luxury accommodation with a beautiful view, a bubbly bath and some quality alone-time with your soulmate – what more could you want?
2. A framed photograph. Nothing is more personal or beautiful than a framed photograph. Grab a print of your all-time favorite picture of the two of you or capture a moment from an incredibly special day to hang in your home forever.
3. Your favorite book. Of course, he needs to give you a beautiful gift for your anniversary, but why not return the favor with a book that he’s always wanted? Pick something you know he’d love and surprise him with something special.
4. A heartfelt handwritten letter. A beautiful, handwritten letter will have your partner beaming with joy. Put together some reminiscing of your time together, your hopes and dreams, and express your love and commitment to him in the most romantic way.
5. An experience gift. Experiences are a beautiful way to show your partner how much you care. Think of something creative and exciting, such as a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, indoor rock climbing, and let your anniversary be one he remembers forever and ever.
6. A heartfelt meal. sometimes nothing is more romantic and special than whipping up a meal for your partner. Put together his favorite meal with special touches, or perhaps something he’s always wanted to try, and dine together in a romantic atmosphere.
7. Tickets to a concert. If you have a musician or a band that gives you both the feels, why not gift him tickets to their upcoming concert and you guys can enjoy a night on the town as a fantastic anniversary celebration.
8. Custom jewelry. If you’re feeling willing to go a little bit extra and you’re looking for something to wow him, you can’t go wrong with custom jewelry. Personalize a beautiful, timeless gift with his initials or a meaningful quote that will always remind him of you.
9. Personalized keepsake box. Gather together photos and special mementos from your time together, such as programs from nights out, dried flowers from anniversary occasions, even your favorite take away, and create a special memory box that you can both enjoy for years to come.
10. A stay-at-home spa weekend. Send your partner off for a spa day and create a delicious, homemade spa experience at home. Believe us when we say there’s nothing more special than turning your living room into a romantic sanctuary and creating the perfect atmosphere of love and relaxation.
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While gifts are a fantastic way to show your partner how special they are to you, it’s important to show them that you truly care. Think beyond there gifts you can buy and plan an anniversary date that’s guaranteed to leave him smiling.
1. Take a walk down memory lane. Head to the location of your first date, bring back a takeaway from your first night out or hold each other’s hand as you visit the place where you first said ‘I love you’ – it’s sure to be an absolute tearjerker.
2. Recreate your relationship’s album. Bring back the good times with a photo booth session that’s all about reliving your relationship’s best memories. After your session, you can create an album filled with photos that’ll bring you both back to the amazing times you’ve shared.
3. A romantic scavenger hunt. On the morning of your anniversary, have your sweetheart wake up to an amazing surprise. Create a scavenger hunt around the house that allows them to find the hidden gifts you’ve put together – it’s an extremely creative way to show your appreciation.
4. Host a movie night. Spending some quality time with a romantic movie and dinner are definitely romantic ideas. Pop some popcorn, organize a delicious dinner and cuddle up together as you enjoy some of your all-time favorite movies.
5. A romantic evening by the beach. A romantic set-up is a great way to show your other half exactly how much you appreciate them. Organize a romantic evening by the beach, with flowers, candles and soft music – it’s sure to be an anniversary neither of you will ever forget.
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Sometimes it’s the simple gestures that are most meaningful. From homemade cards to DIY gifts, these simple ideas will show your partner how much you care about him.
1. Handmake a card. Every celebration needs a card, and handmaking one for your special someone is an incredibly meaningful way to show how much you care. Put together a unique poem or short story that expresses your love, or take some beautiful photographs that represent your time together and make a collage.
2. Plan a surprise picnic. Head to the outdoors and make use of the beauty of nature. Plan a surprise picnic with him favorite foods, treats and drinks, create some beautiful decorations and make it a truly special occasion by bringing a surprise gift – it won’t be a day he’ll soon forget.
3. Make a scrapbook. A homemade scrapbook is a great way to keep your memories alive. Put together some of your favorite photographs and memories and why not print some out to make it a truly treasured keepsake for years to come.
4. Create a gift basket. Put together a gift basket filled with his favorite things, such as chocolate, books, games and puzzles – it’s sure to be downright delightful. You can also add a few of his favorite snacks, like his favorite type of chips and a nice cold beverage to make it extra special.
5. Make him a special meal. You could never go wrong with his favorite homemade meal for his special day. Whip up something special with that special ingredient that’ll guarantee to make him smile, add candles, soft music and you have yourself a romantic dinner!
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Last, but not least – no anniversary is complete without the thoughtful words that remind him how much you love him. Let these gestures be the cherry on top of your anniversary celebration and show your partner how much they mean to you.
1. Give him a heartfelt compliment. Let him know that you’re incredibly proud and appreciative of him, remind your partner of the qualities you admire and the moments that you’re both particularly proud of each other.
2. Gift him a moment with your family. Invite him over to your home and let him cherish the people that mean just as much to you as him, let him feel truly welcomed and supported.
3. Write a sweet note. Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet, heartfelt note? These truly meaningful notes will bring out all the feels, they’ll be the perfect reminder of your eternal love and devotion – now and always.
4. Share a few loving words. Anticipate the moments you can truthfully express your inner feelings, those moments when you can share a few loving words and express just how much you appreciate the one you love and care for them deeply.
5. Take a special photograph. Whether it hits the frame or unedited, a special photograph can be a beautiful reminder of how much you love each other and it’s sure to leave your partner smiling.
As your first anniversary approaches, it’s incredibly important to keep the flame of your love alive. From gifting your partner a heartfelt surprise to creating a beautiful and romantic setting – you both can be sure to be embraced by the love and appreciated. Maybe you’ll turn to this list for a suggestion or two, but the most important part is that your partner is smiling – that’s all that really matters.