A Perfect Gift On Paper: Celebrating the Joys of Your First Anniversary

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It’s time to customize your first anniversary gift for your GF and make it special. Your gal pal deserves to feel like the most special person in the world, so you’ve got to think of a creative and meaningful present to show your love. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome, personalized gifts that you can get your girlfriend that’ll let her know how much you care.
Putting together a personalized photo album is a thoughtful way to show how much you two have grown together over the past year. Collect some memorable moments from each month of your relationship for a visual narrative that she’ll always treasure. Include silly snaps that make you both laugh, meaningful photos from dates and travels, and some romantic pics of the two of you on the special day. Decorate the album with thoughtful captions and write a love letter in the back expressing your appreciation for all the time you’ve spent together.
If your significant other loves spending time outdoors, a custom hiking staff could be a great starting point for your handmade anniversary gift. Incorporate some of the materials from your hikes over the last year, like special rocks or feathers you found, into the design for an added personalized touch. The hiking stick serves as a reminder of the long hours spent hiking the trails together and will be the perfect tool for her next big adventure.
For foodie fans, a unique cookbook with all of your favorite recipes is sure to please your GF. Gather recipes that have some personal significance, like the dish you shared on your first date, as well as her favorites. Spend a day together creating new recipes and testing them out, then take photos of each winning meal and add them to your book. Finally, get it printed and bound with a glossy cover to complete the package.
If your girl loves spending time in the garden, building her a custom garden swing is sure to make your anniversary special. Get the wood and all the mounting supplies you need for the project and spend the day crafting the swing together. Have fun decorating it with paint or interesting designs and personalize it with a special phrase or message. When you finish it up, surprise her with an afternoon of swinging and takeaways from her favorite restaurant.
Jewelry is a classic romantic gift for a special anniversary. Customize a necklace or bracelet with a pendant that’s symbolic of your relationship. Collect some special rocks or shells from your dates or incorporate a meaningful item from her, like a lock from her high school locker or a special memento, in the design. You could even engrave your favorite memories or quotes together on the item to make it extra special.
A custom painting of the two of you is a unique and fun anniversary present. Head out to a scenic spot and find a spot where you can pose for the perfect personalized painting. Once you have the pose, hire a talented artist to create an artistic interpretation of the moment and have him add the details. Put the painting in a nice frame and hang it up in your house so that you’ll always be reminded of your special day.
If your partner is an avid traveler, a personalized globe may be the perfect way to commemorate your first anniversary. Personalize the globe with details from your special date or honeymoon. Get it engraved with a romantic message or use stickers to show where you and your GF have been and what trips you plan to take in the future. Place it in a special corner of your house where you both can look back and remember all the wonderful times you’ve shared.
Customized notes are great meaningful gifts that are perfect for your first anniversary. Write her special letters for each year you’ve been together and put them into a special box with a key. With the heart full of lovely letters, she’ll be moved just reading one a month and reminded of your wonderful relationship. Pay attention to the details and make sure to leave thoughtful notes that she’ll love forever.
Finally, a personalized travelling bag is the perfect way to show your GF what she means to you. Have the bag monogrammed with her initials and choose a beautiful colour combination. Make sure to include extra special items inside the bag like passport covers, a mini journal, and other goodies that she can make use of during her travels. Your thoughtful gift will show her the importance of your relationship and she’ll always be reminded of the wonderful times you’ve shared.