A Perfect Gift On Paper: Celebrating the Joys of Your First Anniversary

Making memories – is there anything that could be more important in a relationship than that? Anniversaries come and go, but the special memories created together last a lifetime. Whether it’s celebrating your first year of marriage or that monumental 10th anniversary, make memories that will be unpacked for years to come. Here are some unique anniversary gifts you can use to make some beautiful memories of your first anniversary:
Gift Experiences
Gifting experiences instead of things is the perfect way to make memories together. Imagine going on a hot air balloon ride on your first anniversary, or snuggling up in a couple’s spa day to relax amidst the noise of everyday life. These shared experiences will make the two of you feel like young lovers again and inject a special spark into your relationship.
Surprise Destinations
What better way to make memories than whisking your special someone away on a surprise weekend getaway? Whether it’s a romantic stay at a rustic cottage in the countryside or a fun-filled city adventure in your own backyard, it will be a weekend that you’ll never forget. Pack your suitcase with your longed-for holiday clothes, get a map and make the most out of this special anniversary trip.
Gourmet Date Night
Shake up your dining routine and food cravings with a gastronomic experience that makes for a wonderful memory for your first anniversary. Make reservations for a top-notch restaurant, where you can indulge in delectable cuisine. Or switch up the venue and have a gourmet dinner picnic in a park by candlelight. Get creative with your menu, plan a cooking class together or even hire a private chef for a fine dining experience.
Activity-filled Day
Create a unique and memorable experience filled with fun activities that you both love. Whether it’s a fishing expedition, sky diving adventure, or kite surfing trip down the coast, plan something that you’ll both enjoy and, of course, make all sorts of amazing memories along the way. Maybe even throw in some leisurely activities, like a long romantic walk on the beach, enchanting tours of local attractions or hikes to breathtaking viewpoints and capture the moment with a special selfie that you can keep and look back on.
Romantic Getaway
Make your first anniversary special by booking a surprise romantic getaway. Think candle-lit dinners with views of the stars, lounging in the pool side, cuddling up for a couples massage at the hotel spa, or simply lying in bed with a bottle of vintage wine. Find a secluded area that you can enjoy all to yourselves and create those perfect romantic memories together!
Long Distance
If you’re not able to celebrate your first anniversary together in-person, why not make it special remotely? Run a virtual scavenger hunt, hide personalized gifts around your house and have them guess each one with a codename. Play some virtual couple games, like Ted Talks and Two Truths, one Lie, and pick movies that your partner would love and have a mini movie marathon night.
Personalized Gifts
Create an unforgettable anniversary gift full of personalized memories from your first year of marriage, like a scrapbook filled with photos, mementos, love letters and other heartfelt memories. Or turn your memories into an interlocking puzzle to be treasured forever. Create unique wall art (like a couch montage for beginners) and other interesting collections that tell your love story.
Gift Cards
Gift cards are yet another great creative way to help make lifelong memories with your partner. Buy restaurant gift cards and have dinner at your favorite places. Maybe you could go bowling together, take cooking classes, or get tickets to a musical. The options are endless, but will always make for a fun and romantic night out.
Small Token of Appreciation
Make your first anniversary extra special with a small token of appreciation. Prepare a surprise breakfast in bed, or make a care package with their favorite chocolates, snacks and wines. Or pick out a special piece of jewelry, aromatherapy oils, spa products or any thoughtful gifts that mean something to your partner.
D.I.Y Gifts
If you’re crafty and artistic, a D.I.Y anniversary gift is the way to go for you! Make a romantic surprise for your partner like a dessert bar, homemade photo magnets, or creative wall art. Put your heart into it and make something meaningful, like a bouquet of handmade paper flower decorations. The time, detail and effort you put into it will make it extra special.

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